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Date: 13.07.2023
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“I have something very important I need to talk to you about,” Step-Mom said in a serious tone. “I’ve been kinda dreading this day where I break down and tell you the truth, but I’m going to come right out and say it – I’m a robot.”
“I know it seems silly, almost crazy…insane,” she went on to say, “but your whole life, I’ve been programmed to take care of you, raise you, wash your clothes, clean your room, cook for you…” The only reason she was telling you this now was because she had being feel “off” lately.
“I don’t know,” she smiled, “maybe it’s all this rain we’re having, maybe I got some circuits wet, who knows.” But, in case anything were to happen to her, she wanted to make sure everything was out in the open and on the table. That way you could help her out.
“You see, I have a phone number on the back of my neck should anything happen,” she explained, “all you have to do is call it and someone will come here and take care of everything, my sweet baby boy.” You were confused – beyond confused. So, Step-Mom offered a demonstration so you could fully understand what she was and what she was capable of.
“I have all different kinds of crazy programs integrated into my software system,” she continued, “all you have to do is use a voice command.” She gave you examples of what programs were more popular – strip mode, sexbot, she could even be a slave bot. “Most men seem to love them,” she said cheerfully, “that’s why we’re here – why we were created.”
“Just go ahead and give it a go,” she insisted, so you picked one. “Integrating stripperbot.” Step-Mom’s sweet and caring personality disappeared and was replaced with a seductive, sexy dancing one. “I can dance for you all night long,” she purred as she stripped down and teased you with her beautiful body.
Step-Mom swayed her hips from side to side until you gave her another command. “Integrating sexbot mode,” she said. “Whatever your devious, dirty pleasures are, sexbot is here to please them. Feel free to touch and penetrate any one of my wet, warm, self-lubricating holes!”
She offered her mouth, pussy (which you found out was removable), and ass to you. “Sexbots never say no,” she giggled. “You can fuck my ass, like a real girl, any time you want. Or perhaps you’d like me to suck your cock? Just command me and I will suck your cock.”
You couldn’t resist the temptation, so you commanded her to, and she wrapped her warm mouth around your cock. Out of curiosity, you then switched Step-Mom to her basic bot mode, one in which she became your obedient slave. “I am here to do whatever Master so desires,” she said with wide, blank eyes. “I am nothing but your mindless slave to control, Master – to control, Master…”
“See now?” Step-Mom switched back to her normal mode. “I see you had a little bit of fun, huh? Now that I’m back in Step-Mom mode, I feel like I should discipline you for putting me through the ringer with all those naughty programs…” Her eyes stared ahead, almost as if her face was frozen in place, and sparks and smoke started shooting out from her system. “Tsk, tsk, tsk…tsk, tsk, tsk…” she repeated.
“Like I was telling you, honey,” she tried to regain control over her body, “it seems as if there is something just a little, a little, a little off about me lately.” Her head twitched to the side and her speech only got worse as she stuttered and stammered more.
“It almost feels like, from all these heavy rains, I-I-I-I-I’ve gotten my circuit boards wet-wet-wet-wet. Integrating, integrating, integrating sexbot mode,” her body jerked and stiffened. “You want me wet, wet, wet for your pleasure-pleasure-pleasure.” She struggled to keep her composure and to keep herself in Step-Mom mode – after all, that’s what she was there for.
She explained that, because her circuits were overheating, she was glitching. “You really need to look at the number on my back,” she said seriously, then started malfunctioning again. “Stripperbot mode is the most fun! We can get down and dirty, down and dirty, down and dirty, down and dirty…”
Step-Mom switched back and forth between her modes, her body jerking even more now as her circuits fried. She stroked your cock, then desperately tried to change back into her Step-Mom mode to remind you to call the number. When her system could no longer handle the severe glitching, it shut itself down.
“Over-over-over-heat…shut-ting down,” she bent at the waist and powered down. A huge puff of smoke shot out from her body from the heat. Guess it was time to call the number….

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