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Footing is another pretty extreme version of sex, and it is related to fisting. However footing is even more extreme than fisting, since it involves sinking an entire foot into the bottom’s vagina or anus. This is not actually painful, since the anus is really stretchy, and with practice it can be easily achieved.
Footing can be done to a woman or a guy, since it is possible to push the foot up the anus. However most commonly the foot is only pushed in halfway, since it is very hard to get the heel up there as well. That takes a lot of practice and work. Most often you will see footing videos with only part of the foot being pushed into the vagina or anus, since footing with the entire foot is pretty hard to do.
Videos with lesbian foot fisting are most common, since women have smaller and slimmer feet, and they are easier to push into the vagina or anus. Foot porn may often include light footing where only the fingers are pushed in. However more experienced lesbians will take lesbian foot fisting further and will push more and more. And in some rare videos you will see the whole foot being pushed inside. This is very arousing, since the concept of pushing the entire foot into the anus or pussy is very sexual. For those who love foot porn, such clips will be a very wonderful find.
Footsex can be also used as part of domination, and there are very many videos of a female dominatrix forcing her male slave to suck and lick on her feet. In some cases she proceeds to lube his hole up and inserts her foot to establish even stronger dominance over her victim.
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