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Date: 24.07.2023
PlayTime: 00:26:03
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XXX HARDCORE I love seeing beautiful women, like Mandy, enter a trance. I’d love to see Mandy from this point of view. Her body is clearly visible during the entire shoot. Mandy’s neighbour comes to Mandy to relieve her headaches. Mandy agrees that she will be placed into a state of Trance to relieve her headaches. She stares at the glass with her neighbour. Mandy stares blankly in front of the crystal. She blinks a few times and nods to herself, but stares in awe at the camera. Mandy the housewife takes off her clothing and says “Yes Master”. She then repeats I will serve and obey you. I will obey and serve you. Yes is my trigger word “blue-bell-tower”. Say that she likes to be in a state trance. So, the husband is able to get her back. But he has scheduled a return visit. Scene 2: Mandy answers her door next morning wearing a summer outfit. She welcomes the neighbor with joy. A second crystal is presented to her and she becomes enthralled once again. She blinks at the camera, nods to her ear, and stares with awe. After a “Yes master”, she removes the gown and is told that it’s time to sucke her cock. He inserts his cock inside her mouth. She swallows as directed. She can come out from her trance but doesn’t understand what has happened. Scene 3: Mandy invites a neighbor to her home the next morning. Mandy explains that her husband just left home for work and that she was going to do her daily exercise. Sports bra, shorts with a ponytail and another ponytail. During conversation, the hands are raised. A trigger word is used. She blinks at the camera, nods, and then stares in awe. Mandy is in an ecstatic state of trance with her arms by her sides. He made her spread her feet and lay back down. He pulls out the cum and inserts the cock to stop her getting pregnant. She wakes up and changes clothes. Mandy receives a visit from a man dressed in conservative clothing the following day. Her husband is working. Again, the housewife becomes enthralled by a trigger-word. She blinks, then nods towards the camera. “Yes Master, I am completely under your control,” she replies. She comes out of trance after a few moments. Once again, the trigger was spoken. She blinks a couple of times and then nods. Then, she looks at the camera with awe. Mandy goes back into the trance. “Yes Master” removes clothes. Mantras are spoken. And ends with him having another sex with Mandy, this time summing up her ars ……Mandy Flores

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