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Date: 07.07.2022
PlayTime: 00:18:54
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Yui Ayana, locked in her apartment, masturbates with neighbors at their showers. Published March 14, 20,21 YuiAyana does her laundry every morning and hangs it out for drying. Her panties were so bright that her neighbor noticed them and loved the color splash in her neighbourhood. He also enjoys thinking about her pudgy in the panties. When Yui hears her fissing on the walls of his apartment, it helps him to picture her sweet, sensual pussy. Yui accidentally loses her keys so she asks her neighbor for permission to let Yui stay at his house, while they wait for help. Yui is a great flirt, and soon she is talking with him. Yui uses her shower to wash herself after she’s locked out. She remembers how kind he was for letting her use his bathroom to shower. She becomes a little too sexual in the shower. She decides she will use hot water to masturbate with him in the shower. She soaks her pussy in soapy warm water to make it soft and moisturized. She then rubs her lips with her fingertips to stimulate her clit. Although she doesn’t want to masturbate in his shower, she is excited to feel his pussy hot. She enjoys pointing at her pussy and enjoying herself. However, she worries that he won’t listen to her moans. She’s overcome with the desire to be there. She just keeps fingering her fingers until it comes.

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