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Date: 09.07.2023
PlayTime: 00:12:01
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JERK OF DIRECTION Hey, you little virgin. It’s good to see you back, letting me have some more virgin porn. It’s all you know. You can cope by sexualizing your virginity. Virgin, poor virgin. This is the only time you’ve ever had a sex. Fucking with the hand that you are holding. Although you may not understand what it’s like to be a pussy you certainly know what sex means. You’ve seen some porn. So, you know that jerking is not the same as sex. For you to better understand sex, I would like you to fiddle your hand like a pussy. This will make you feel like sex, since it’s your sexual life. You can intensify your experience by smelling this bottle. The fumes are going to make you extra horny so that you can enjoy making love with your hands. It sounds like fun, you little virgin! You must lubricate and then fuck your hand in the manner I demonstrate. You can only hum the hand. Take a big, deep drag. Now, hump your virgin cock in your hands and push it. Continue putting it in your hands. Your whole life you have been fucking with your hand. It’s something virgins do. They kiss their hand. I don’t need you jerk. Pump your cock using your hand. Doesn’t that feel like sex? You probably don’t know, since this is your first sex experience. Does it make you feel good? Start again with another hand. Now get on your back and hump that hand. Put your cock on the palm. You’re so stupid. It’s simply too good to end. Now you can have a good time with your hand, instead of jerking at it like the normal Virgin. Pump your hand, you freak. You’re lucky I gave you a chance for a realistic sexual experience. Take another virgin. I want to see your fissured hand missionary-style. The hand should be pushed into the hand. Now that you know how it feels, you will be more confident about your virginity. You’ll never stop. Keep fiddling with that hand idiot. I want you take another punch. You must get involved. Fuck the hand. Fuck your hand. Are you willing to cum in your hands? Now you can cum your hand. Was it a bit of fun, or just a little? It’s the new sex method for virgins. Just humping your hands.

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