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Date: 27.06.2022
PlayTime: 00:40:31
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Published: January 26, 20,21 Carla (Maya Woulfe), is looking for work to be done at her home. Tony (Stirling Cooper), her friend, is able to help her with the work at a lower rate. Carla is overjoyed at her good fortune and accepts the arrangement. Tony gets to work. It seems that everything is going well initially, but it becomes apparent that Tony is not making much progress over time. He always makes excuses for his tardiness, and the work is delayed. It leaves her in an awkward situation since Tony is performing the work for her for a small fee. Does she have the right even to complain? Carla realizes that she can’t sit still and watch her home fall further into ruin. Tony brushes her aside as she tries to have a conversation with her. Unsettling moments occur when her eyes drift to her chest. She seems to have reached the end of her patience and is now venting her anger by confronting him about his bad behavior. Tony will walk out if Tony does not respond. Carla realizes that Tony will abandon the work and she will end up in worse condition than ever before. It is not something she likes, but Tony did see her earlier.

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