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Date: 13.07.2023
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“Can you get out of my room?” your step-sister, Zoey, said irritated. “I’m so sick of you always being in here.” The two of you were always arguing and fighting – it didn’t matter what it was about. Just being within eyesight caused her to get frustrated, and she couldn’t stand the thought of you talking to her friends.
Step-Mom was done with it. She couldn’t handle the screaming, whining, or arguments anymore, so she made it her mission to fix it. “Look what you did,” Zoey sighed,” you were so loud that Step-Mom came in.”
“No, I’m not going to get along with him,” Zoey turned towards Step-Mom. “He’s annoying, he’s in my room again. You can’t force us to get along. Can you just make him leave?” Step-Mom wasn’t putting up with it. Instead, she told you and your step-sister to strip down in front of one another. “You want us to get naked? That’s weird,” Zoey’s eyes narrowed. “That’s not going to make us like each other any more. He can’t see me naked, he’s my step-brother.”
When Step-Mom threatened to ground the two of you, you and your step-sister decided to cooperate. “I’ll get it over with, I guess,” Zoey rolled her eyes. “It’s embarrassing. I don’t wanna see him naked either.” She stripped down to her lingerie, then sat in front of you and Step-Mom. But that wasn’t good enough – Step-Mom wanted her completely naked and exposed.
“I just feel really uncomfortable with this,” Zoey whined. “He’s staring at me, he’s right there. I can’t believe you’re making us do this.” Now that the two of you were naked, Step-Mom forced you to look at one another, which made things awkward.
“What? No…I’m not going to touch his cock,” Zoey said in disgust, “he’s my step-brother. I can’t stand him, let alone seeing him naked, it’s just gross.” Step-Mom didn’t budge – she meant what she said, and eventually, your step-sister had her soft hand wrapped around your cock. “I don’t like stroking my step-brother’s cock, this is weird,” she sighed.
Step-Mom then commanded her to suck your cock, and she obediently put it into her mouth and bobbed her head up and down on it. “He has to lick my pussy now…?” her eyes widened. “Step-Mom…I mean, at this point, when even bother arguing back, right? It won’t do any good.”
She lied back, spread her legs, and gave you an uneasy face. “It’s weird seeing my step-brother in-between my legs,” she said uncomfortably. “My skin is crawling. I guess this is it, right? You want him to fuck me next…? That’s really gross. Well, go ahead and fuck me like Step-Mom says. I’m going to lie here like this.”
Your step-sister looked up at you, her arms crossed underneath her massive boobs. “And don’t enjoy this too much,” she told you sternly. You penetrated her and she tried to avoid looking at you. “This feels weird, Step-Mom,” she said. “I don’t like watching my step-brother fuck me.”
Step-Mom then told her to flip over. “I guess fuck me doggy,” she sighed. “Just hurry up and cum, I’m ready for this to be over.” You fucked her until you finally erupted inside her tight pussy. “I felt you cum,” she said awkwardly. “Ugh, it’s just wrong, having my step-brother cum inside me…”
“Have we bonded enough?” Zoey asked, her big butt in the air and her pussy exposed. “I guess I can stand him now…I don’t know.”

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