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Date: 26.11.2021
PlayTime: 00:18:22
Quality: 1280x720
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Do not lose all control Don’t lose control. Don’t stroke. Dick smells of pre-cum, has a racing pulse, and moans…cock pulsing…Just. LOSE CONTROL. Yes, I will mindfuck your hard. All you need to do is resist that overwhelming urge to grab your dick with a pump. Let’s just strip, then sit down and listen. Let me weep. Watch yourself fail. I will use My body to defeat you. It is only a matter if you succumb. I will make sure that you need to STOP. I make it impossible to do anything other than lose control and stroke…My breasts and asses, My eyes, no man, definitely not you, could resist. I want you to come and lick my tits. YOU WILL GIVE IN. Keep your TREMBLING WET dick on the ground and don’t STROKE when you say it “I have zero control around you Madam Violet”. That’s a good pathetic bitch. That’s the way it SHOULD be. It’s okay. I’m losing all control. The pure desperation flooding through your body means that you will not only obey but to cum -but it will cost you. Slave, you have already shown that you are a weak and helpless pathetic bitch. Let’s not forget to keep your dignity. Jk includes: mind domination; sensual domination, imbedded meditation commands, sensual domination. Topless, femdom Pov, men following orders. Tease and Denial. Published Oct 2, 2020 Mind Fucking, Cock Tease Arrogant Woman.

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