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Date: 16.06.2021
PlayTime: 00:54:06
Quality: 1280x720
FileSize: 1.95 Gb

They’re still looking for me. Trying to catch me. Trying to stop me. After all the things I’ve done. But they don’t understand. I’ve made them all better. Ask the last sweet girl. I made her 1st time special. But I’m not done yet. Oh no. I have more joy to spread. More holes to breed.
When I was locked away….they put “medicine” in my food. Stuff that quelled my urges. But since I’ve been out, no more medicine. The urges are back. ALL of them.
And so is my memory. That was another side effect that is vanishing. Something else those “doctors” tried to “treat”. You cannot treat fate! Because now I am starting to remember…pictures…an address…an address where there will be holes to fill. A VERY special hole.
A daughter? A wife? I don’t care. All I care about are her holes. And filling each and every one of them.

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