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Date: 06.07.2022
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Mai Takizawa takes advantage her boss today at work Published on March 18, 20,21 Mai Takizawa has become the office lady. Her boss loves her so much that he hired them. She brightens his day when he is at work. He finds it difficult watching her make copies or drink his coffee. He is so close to her in the office makes her horny. She fantasizes about how much she could have fuck with him but it’s impossible when all the workers are there. She enjoys seducing her boss’s cock. She is a bit of a cock-monster, so her boss will always be happy to let her go. She loves to eat cock and will try her best to get as much as she can into her tiny mouth. Today is her day just to suck. She can’t wait to hold him in her mouth and she loves how he makes it so much fun for her to talk about his hard cock. Her pussy is all over her skin and she gets stained from the pussy juice he has given her. Today they are so busy with Mai holding his cock in one’s mouth and her boss admiring her hot mouth that they don’t realize that an employee had opened the door for them to spy on them as they engage in this sexual activity in the workplace. Mai and her boss both knew something was amiss and had to be informed. One employee managed to spy on them all and discovered that they were having office sex after lunch.

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