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Date: 03.02.2023
PlayTime: 00:46:53
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Published May 13, 2022. Jessie is excited about her encounter with The Pope. She hopes to be ruled in bondage one day. The day begins with Jessie sitting on a V-shaped stool and her legs extended. Jessie’s small arms are drawn outwards and a rope is placed around her neck to regulate her breath. His first move is touch her flesh using his crop to prepare her. To increase her suffering, his second move is to attach weighted clips and her tiny nipples. Jessie is then subjected to torture in rope bondage. Pope puts Jessie upside down in a one-point hip suspension and one foot is tied behind her thigh. Jessie watches as the Pope grabs her pussy repeatedly. Jessie finally takes the lead, and Jessie holds her ankles so she doesn’t slip. The Pope then tortures Jessie using his sadistic tools. The leather flogger slits her flesh. Jessie is beckoned by the Pope to give him twice the pleasure and pain he craves through her screams. He puts a scarf around Jessie’s neck to control her breathing and then eats her pussy in a continuous orgasm. Due to her constant cumming, he adds another touch. He gives Jessie an extra touch by giving him a crotch. Then he lifts her into the air.

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