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Date: 05.07.2022
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Sofia Lee and Lily Joy – Between a Blonde & Brunette Published: March 14, 20,21 Sofia Lee and Lily Joy are lesbian lovers who are backpacking across the countryside. They stop by the Fake Hostel in order to find a cozy place to sleep. The door was unlocked so they opened it and, upon seeing the key on the desk, headed to their room. Once the lesbians have entered, they begin to sew each other’s clothing. Sofia’s thick, juicy tits get licked up by Lily. Sofia then sees Tommy Woods from the doorway, watching them. Sofia tells Lily she will return him after shooing him off. Tommy sneaks into the room again and eats Lily’s flesh. Then she sucks him! Tommy returns to the room, but Lily hides Tommy beneath blankets so that he can see them sitting on each others’ faces. Tommy can’t help but to wank. When he cums it squirts Sofia! The ladies decide that they want more. He fucks Lily then covers their tits again in cum. Tommy kicks them out, and they giggle as the ladies finish one another with jizz covered scissoring.

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