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Date: 16.07.2023
PlayTime: 00:22:29
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She’s upset and pissed that she is being mocked and bullied because of her style. She’s sick of people making fun of her make-up and laughing at her. She knows she can always count on you to comfort her. She begins to remove the top and confesses that she is not married. At the last minute, she apologizes to you for being so unpredictable. She tells you she would be happy to be with her if they weren’t related. You two have an uncanny similarity. She confesses being a virgin. She’d be happy to lose the virginity to the guy who has always been there for her. You offer to hold her shoulders, but she starts stripping off for you. She tells her that she can stop the stripping at any moment, but you let her continue to touch your cock and get naked. She takes off her pants to show how wet, sticky and slick she is. She then licks away the white liquid on her underwear. This is her first time, so she’s a bit uncomfortable. You start to question if the girl is a virgin when you ride her hard cock.

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