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Date: 23.02.2023
PlayTime: 01:07:55
Quality: 854х480
FileSize: 561,41 MB

Published June 2, 2022. Aften, a young, healthy, and happy woman, is bound by Tommy Pistol. Aften is tied to the chair with tight rope bondage. Tommy walks in and starts looking at her flesh. He then starts to inflict some pain upon her with his hands. He pushes her head onto his cock, forcing it to fall on her throat. He alternates between stroking her face and giving him the vibe on her pussy till she’s completely dehydrated. Aften is then subject to her first rope suspension. Tommy takes her feet off the ground and pulls her hands away. He continues to enjoy the pleasure and starts to pump the vibes on her. Tommy is now ready for more violence with this slut. He’s ready to have some fucking and he places his cocky sex in her wet, genitals. As he has fucked with her, he hates her more and more. Her pussy makes her feel like a steak and is a feast to her lusts. Tommy leaves Aften helpless, on the couch, in the last scene. He positions her so that she can have more fucks. Once the fucking has begun, he is on a mission to make her feel overwhelmed by his constant orgasms and cover her with his large amount of cum.

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