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Date: 06.09.2022
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Destiny Cruz and Lily Larimar — My Stepsis Is Stuck With Her Friend Published January 7, 2022 Destiny Cruz is trying new hairstyles with Lily Larimar, her friend. Joshua Lewis, Destiny’s stepbrother, pushes past them and grabs a towel. Destiny claims he’s reaching for a jerk towel. Joshua counters by saying that the girls’ hairstyles were stupid and that if they get into something, he’ll come fuck both of them. Joshua’s prediction soon comes true. He sees both girls with their hair stuck in the oven when he walks in. Joshua is offered a hand to help Lily touch her pussy. He accepts her offer and then takes a look at his own stepsis. Destiny finally says she’s done and insists that Josuha let her go. However, Destiny insists on being allowed to go. Lily follows Destiny out and admits that she enjoyed it. It doesn’t take long for the girls to get stuck again. Destiny gets stuck in the refrigerator while Lily gets stuck in the dishwasher. Joshua sneaks up to Destiny’s room and pulls down her thong and lifts her miniskirt. He inserts it and gives Destiny a couple of quick pumps. Joshua gives them both a few minutes to get to know each other, but it’s enough for Lily to want to see more. The girls later find their hair tied together while they are sitting on the couch. Joshua must be called in once more. Lily suggests that they let Joshua fuck the girls, and Destiny finally agrees. Joshua arrives and the girls lie down on the couch together, with their hair still tangled. Destiny is given a taste of her stepbrother’s cock when Lily rubs her titties beside her. But Joshua soon allows Lily another chance with his hardon. He waits for them to be freed, and then watches as their bodies sink to their knees. Destiny gets on her knees to allow Joshua to do his doggy job while she takes Lily out. Lily gets to ride Joshua’s cowboy while she enjoys his cock. She has him sit down and she can take him on a reverse cowgirl ride. Destiny hops on to match Lily’s position. She moans and twitches. Just in time for Lily’s stroke, she lifts Joshua from his erection. Lily climbs onto a couch to snowball Joshua’s jizz. Destiny and Lily agree that they should be fucking Joshua more often.

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