You Can’t Take Your Eyes Off Of My Feet Even As I Dump You 720p – Humiliation POV – Miss Honey Barefeet

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Date: 08.07.2023
PlayTime: 00:10:04
Quality: 1280х720
FileSize: 346,29 MB

SMALL PENS HUMILIATION, Miss Honey Barefeet I bet you’re so glad that I sent you this video. I received your email. I recorded a video to tell you why we can’t be friends or even together. I’m not with you. We could never be friends. You should look in the mirror. You have a thing for feet. You’re staring at my feet while I try to speak. I am trying to tell you something very important, but you will not let go of my shoes. You’re so focused on my foot, you’re not able to hear me. At first, hanging out with a person who has a foot fetish was fun. I was curious as to what was going on. To be honest, though, I don’t like it. I don’t think you should jump on my feet. While I’m talking to you, my wrinkles are visible, as well as my arches, soles and toes. It’s a major problem. I don’t have the time to deal someone with a foot obsession. I don’t want to deal with someone who has a foot-fetish. Both of us agree that it is too small. This tiny penis will never satisfy anyone. Your penis is tiny and I feel embarrassed that I have even touched it. I don’t want to think about your useless penis. Why did i agree to it? You must know how embarrassing it is for me to spend time with you. I can see you jerking your legs right now. You don’t wish to be put down by me. I can’t tolerate a man who enjoys humiliating himself. I do not want a little loser to be in my world. You’re as pathetic as a hellfire! Look at my feet, you loser. Aren’t you embarrassed that this is what you do? Do you think that I deserve to have a loser like you with tiny shoes? I’m way too nice! But I do enjoy taking advantage your stupidity. You are such a fool! You thought that it was real. You are an idiot! You must have known that I’d never be with anyone else like you. You’re a slob. I don’t care for your foot fetish. You’re a fucking loser! I know you’re a nutcase. So I am ending my relationship with you. You stupid fucked fool. I am ashamed that I ever dated you. Can’t believe that I ever dated a person who was such a miserable loser and had a foot addiction. You may feel that it’s cruel and heartless but you need to know the truth. This video is one you will watch over and over. You’ll never see me again.

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