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Date: 15.09.2022
PlayTime: 00:23:11
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Tristan Summers: Now that you’ve seen mine, I want to see yours. Published January 23, 2022. Tristan Summers finds it hard to adjust to a stepbrother. Chase Arcangel is having trouble knocking on doors. Chase arrived just as Tristan was about to get out of the shower. Chase had a complete frontal view. Tristan insists on Chase being stripped and showing Tristan his rest of the frontal. Chase isn’t having it so he walks out after saying no. Tristan refuses to give in so easily. She has finished getting dressed and she goes into Chase’s bathroom to wash her clothes. Chase does not warn Tristan that he is going to climb into bed and try to take his pants off. Chase insists she let Chase see her cock. He saw her boobs. She was a pussy. Chase agrees with Tristan that he will show her the cock if she wants to touch it. Chase shows Tristan what he is capable of. He is shocked when his hot stepis completes the agreement. Chase should fuck her insists she. Chase claims Tristan is obsessed with breeding. She will not deny it as long it means that her cock is in tight sex. Chase gives up. Tristan, who is already on Chase’s back, rubs Chase’s clit in an attempt to entice him. So he puts it in. Chase even leans forward to squeeze and knead those big boobs. Chase climbs on Tristan’s back and enjoys his cowgirl titties. Tristan takes Tristan’s sweet time exploring different angles before letting Chase control her dog in doggy. Tristan rolls onto Tristan’s stomach and asks Chase to weigh in on her meaty twat. Tristan promises not to tell anyone, as long Chase continues to feed her with cum. He will continue to do it tomorrow and every other day.

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