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Date: 15.07.2023
PlayTime: 00:23:29
Quality: 1920х1080
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You listen to your roommate’s hot conversation over the phone. She was complaining to her sister about not having enough money to pay the rent for this month. She would NOT say that if she wanted you to help. You run into her bedroom and tell her what you want to say, but she interrupts you before you can finish. She then begins to explain how she’s lost her job. You confess to her that you already knew what she had told you. It does not mean she’s a b*tch simply because she looks good and all the guys want to get her fucked. She’s shocked that you overheard the conversation, and she tries her best to save face. As she speaks, she gives you the impression she’s a slut and has a bad reputation for playing with people. You agree that she will pay the rent only if she shows you her tits and removes her top. She initially laughs. Then she understands what you’re saying. She smiles but then her smile becomes irritated. You can tell that she’s not interested. She begs that you don’t do it but you keep telling her to take off the ring. You’re amazing! She would do almost anything for you. Once her tits are visible, you tell her to remove her pants and show her pussy. She doesn’t seem to be happy but does as you ask. Your cock is more likely to be pulled out if she follows your instructions. She tries to cover her eyes while telling you that your cock is not welcome. In the end, she falls on her back and tries to please you. You can see that she’s a bit uncomfortable and a bit afraid, yet you still don’t seem to care. It’s time to slip in. She seems to be having a good time while riding you. She will even cuff the cock. She lies down and pumps her on you until she feels the load you are breaking in her pussy. If she’s going to fuck her this way, then you’ll pay for her rent every single month!

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