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Date: 13.07.2023
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“Hey, so how was your day?” the babysitter had greeted you warmly when you came back from school. “That bad, huh?”
Sonia tried to make you feel better. Although it was still just the beginning of the school year, you were already starting to have girl trouble. “Oh, gotcha. So, what’s the trouble? Are you just really awkward or are they mean? Or…?” she tried to help. “Oh, just don’t know how to…you know you can talk to girls like normal people. But you mean the ones that you like?”
You had an extremely difficult time flirting with girls. You didn’t know what to say, how to act, and you often embarrassed yourself because of it. “To be honest, there’s no magical secret for you,” Sonia explained. “I mean, I could give you some tips to at least boost your confidence – confidence is a big key. Confidence vs. cocky.”
Sonia then went on to tell you a few pointers on how to talk to girls. “I mean, if you want,” she proceeded to say, “I could show you the way I like things and the way I know a lot of girls that I’m friends with like. Yeah? Okay, yeah, if you’re cool with that. Maybe don’t tell your step-mom and step-dad? Just keep it between us – I hate to see you so sad. I want you to feel confident and secure.”
She started off explaining kissing while she stripped down. Her fingers caressed her pink, pretty nipples, showing you exactly what girls found pleasurable and how they liked to be touched. “Just less is always more, especially at this age when everybody’s hormones are going crazy and everything is sensitive,” she told you. “Do you wanna try? Yeah, see? Good, nice and gentle.”
Once you understood how to touch boobs, she explained how to kiss and suck them. “Imagine like a snake with the tongue out,” she said as she flicked her tongue for demonstration. “Do that kinda stuff on nipples. The lighter touch will get things going. Again, I can only imagine what porn has taught you about vaginas, but probably not anything you’re gonna wanna do with your , so…”
The babysitter stripped down completely, exposing her bare, shaven pussy to you. She explained the different parts of the vagina, then introduced you to the clit – “the magic button.” She showed you how to rub a pussy, how to warm a girl up, then talked about how to lick a pussy. “Always listen to her breathing, to her body – try and play along. Everybody is different. So, do you wanna try?” she asked.
“I think you’re going to be just fine,” she comforted you as you ran your wet tongue against her pussy. Once you got a feel for how that worked, she moved onto the next lesson – sex. “Oh yeah, you’re hard,” she giggled, “that’s good. I love a man who gets hard from licking vagina. Alright, ready? I’m just going to stick it in…”
“Yeah, go nice and slow to start it, you don’t have to rush it,” she instructed. “This isn’t a porn, this is real life. You’re just here to make you both feel good. Yeah, you’re getting close. I know, it’s okay, it’s a lot for your first time, go ahead.” She told you that it was okay to cum inside of her, so when you were ready, you filled up her tight pussy.
“Oh wow!” she smiled. “There you go. Wow, that was a lot. Okay, so? You feel a little better now, a little more confident about going to school and talking to girls? You got this.”

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