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Date: 11.07.2022
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Lily Larimar — No Regrets Published on April 6, 20,21. SCENE OPENS Josh Jett and Chrissy (his girlfriend) work as baristas for an espresso cafe. Chrissy fills empty coffee cups and Josh wipes down the corner. Chrissy makes small talk about the weekend while Josh is more serious. Chrissy finally asks Josh what he is doing to her. Chrissy then sighs and drops the empty cup. It shatters into pieces. CUT TO TITL Chrissy is stunned by the revelation. Josh says he cheated with Chrissy because she was too strict. Chrissy believes she can make a difference, but Josh remains skeptical. She insists that this is possible and says she can prove it. Josh wants to know how she can. She tells Josh she will do a blowjob and pretend to be working. Josh is stunned but he takes a bite and licks it. He feels a burning desire. But he hesitates before stating that they could be in serious trouble. He also believes that this is not Chrissy’s voice, which is a bit strange. Chrissy begs Josh, and Josh finally wins. Josh accepts Chrissy’s request with nervous excitement. Chrissy gives Josh the blowjob and falls to her knees. This is to show that she is still exciting. Chrissy enjoys the excitement of her work, even though it is nerve-wracking at first. Josh is stunned and thrilled.

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