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Date: 03.07.2022
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Judy Jolie – A Taste Of The Good Old Days Published on March 2, 2020 Glen, (Jack Vegas), and Rick (Marcus London), two of their friends who enjoy watching the game live on television. Both are now married and have families, but they can still recall the time when they were able to be with girls as beautiful than cheerleaders. Back then, everything was simpler. Sally (Judy Jolie), comes to Rick’s house to learn with his daughter. Glen and Rick feel dismayed that Rick and Glen are tied down, and they can’t enjoy Sally’s beauty. Rick experiences an epiphany. Perhaps Glen and Glen could relive their glory days. Sally finishes her education and Rick offers Sally a ride home. Sally politely declined but accepted after some friendly encouragement. Sally casually hears Rick mention to Glen that he will also be riding with them since he was being dropped-off. Sally may be a bit puzzled by this, but Rick knows she’s not too shy and will not fuss about it. They soon set out for the evening. Glen and Rick can now have some fun, just as they used to.

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