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Date: 23.11.2021
PlayTime: 00:23:22
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Description: Paris White, who is getting ready for her extravagant anniversary dinner with her partner, finds a text from her boyfriend telling her to cancel. Paris is just standing there, wrapped in a towel, annoyed that her boyfriend has called to cancel the dinner. Jay Romero is at her door, and she opens it to find him. Jay is a married man but his wife is on vacation and Paris is just too sexy to make her feel special. Jay makes a big mistake when he asks Paris if she’s okay. Paris is not okay, but she is about to be. She pretends that she is searching for the spare kitchen key, but when she does not find it, she tells her to check her bedroom. Paris seduces the chance to change into something a bit more comfortable, which happens to also be lingerie. Paris now radiates confidence and struts back into the room. Jay is walking up to her and she puts her foot down in front. He knows she will not say no. Paris finds Jay hard as she reaches to zip Jay’s pants. Paris pulls Jay’s pants down and opens her mouth to begin sucking him. She is a master at blowjobs as she licks Jay’s dick. Paris takes Jay by the root and snatches him with her teeth until she’s completely satisfied. She doesn’t waste any time moving on to something that will be even more enjoyable for the both of them. After removing her lingerie, she climbs on Jay’s lap and glides down until she is fully impaled. Paris, rocking her hips, leans forward so Jay can feel the softness of her titties while she fucks him. Jay is committed to their relationship by the time Paris rolls over on him and spreads out her thighs on a couch. Jay will do whatever she asks. He is happy to oblige her, dipping his heads and eating her greedy twat. Jay primes Paris for another by making her moan with delight and sliding two fingers into her snatch. Jay lifts Jay’s leg so that his ankle touches his shoulder when he is ready to reenter Paris. As Paris watches, Jay slides right home. Paris is captivated by the sight of her hot neighbor seducing her. She can’t keep her mewls from pleasure quiet. Paris is still in the market to have one more orgasm and rolls on her side so Jay can help her. After he has returned home, he gives Paris the full-on pussy pounding. Jay does not pull out until Paris has had her second orgasmic experience. Jay is not able to bask in the afterglow as his wife texts him to inform him that she is on her way.

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