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Date: 24.05.2022
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Tiffany Tatum and Anastasia Brokelyn-Game On Published: June 21, 2020 Anastasia Brokelyn & Tiffany Tatum are putting on a show for Raul. He is the spinner, while the girls are forced into increasingly sexual positions. Anastasia, who finds herself crawling on Tiffany, gives in and kisses Tiffany’s lips. Raul watches the girls continue to kiss one another on the floor, while Raul continues his observation. They finally remember that Raul was there. As one, they turn and face him. They then give him matching sexy grins before crawling over to him on the couch. Soon, Anastasia and Tiffany are enjoying their meal together as Raul gives them his fuck stick. The girls gradually lose their clothes as they continue to blow Raul. Anastasia finds herself on her hands and knees while Raul holds her hand between her legs. Raul knows that Anastasia is going to be having a lot of fun finger-ing him as Tiffany delivers a bij. As Anastasia turns around to ride his hardon, things get even better. Tiffany checks that her girlfriend is well, and then sits down on the couch with her legs wide open to allow Anastasia to eat. Tiffany is able to sit down and enjoy Raul’s D. Tiffany is as much focused on Anastasia’s pleasure as her body. She begins to stroke Anastasia’s clit with her fingers, sliding her fingers along Anastasia’s wet skin. Tiffany pulls Anastasia down onto her face, even after she flips on her back to Raul so he can change the angle of penetration. Raul leans forward and teases Anastasia by licking her anus. Tiffany continues to eat Anastasia from below. Anastasia moves between the girls so that Anastasia is at the middle. Anastasia screams delight as Raul takes it from her in doggy. Tiffany is there to assist Anastasia, giving her her trim twat so that she can muffle her joy by applying herself to Tiffany’s pleasure. Anastasia is further encouraged by Tiffany bringing her legs back so she can fully enjoy her lover’s pussy feast. Next, she shifts to a kneeling position so that Anastasia is fully exposed to her lover’s pussy feast. Raul can be found lounging on the couch, while Tiffany glides on his dick. Anastasia waits patiently to see Raul, glutting Tiffany with creampies. Anastasia takes a sip of Tiffany’s juices and snowballs Raul’s load with her girlfriend as soon Raul walks out.

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