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Date: 04.07.2022
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Nala Brooks – Intimate Moments Published March 5, 20,21 Nala and Tyler Brooks lay together in bed. Each of them wakes up to a new day full od sensual possibilities. Nala is the big spoon so she’s in the perfect position to feel Tyler’s morning wood. Tyler encourages her to move her hips and discover her generous curves with his large hands. Tyler is happy to accept this sweet invitation. Nala guides Tyler’s hands to where she most desires: Below her panties. Tyler’s hot fingers feel amazing as they glide across her sweet pussy. Tyler is quick to grab Nala’s incredible breasts and hold them. Nala is happy that Tyler follows his hot, wet tongue’s lead. Tyler continues to massage Nala’s breasts using his tongue and his hand while he works the meaty folds in her twat. Rubbing Nalas clit makes for the most charming mewls. Tyler takes Nala’s thong out while Nala raises her back. Next, he turns his attention to Nala so he can examine her soft folds and fist her stiffie. Tyler continues his tender seduction when Nala has had an opportunity to touch the D. Tyler then takes Nala into his arms, and allows her to rub her bottom against his dick. Tyler can hold Nala’s whole body, including her tits. Nala then enjoys a lavish after-party and gets Tyler on her shoulder so she can give some oral delight. She enjoys to touch Tyler’s legs, and she gives him great suck. Tyler is already up on his stomach, ready to go so Nala could climb onto Tyler’s hips for a stiffie ride. Tyler is able to sit alongside Nala and keep her pussy party rolling when she finally falls on her back. Tyler is invited in by Nala who kneels down and gets on her knees. He’s happy to oblige! Tyler allows Tyler to let Tyler’s massive naturals free fly with every step. He dives deep to get pure joy from his girl. Tyler allows Nala to place her knees on Tyler’s back, so he can get into her for another orgasm. Tyler continues dancing with her boobs. They continue to put on quite a show. He gives it to her until she achieves the pinnacle. After that, he begins to cumon Nala’s large breasts.

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