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Date: 09.07.2022
PlayTime: 00:26:03
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Lacy Lennon, In the Right Hands Published on March 26, 20,21 Lacy Lennon hasn’t been able to cumfor so long. She has tried everything. Masturbating is her boyfriend. It’s not working. Lacy realizes she must take drastic steps to lift her off the ground after failing yet again. Lacy calls maintenance in an attempt to find a companion for her apartment. Ryan Maclane arrives for Lacy’s appointment to service but doesn’t know what lies ahead. Lacy arrives at Lacy’s appointment for service in an over-sized shirt with shorts. She is flushed from her recent masturbation attempt and smiles when she opens the door. Ryan hears Lacy telling Ryan that she’s going to change into something comfy. Ryan is able to see Lacy’s tight, clean body after she has opened Lacy’s bedroom door. After Lacy has been as clean as possible, Ryan will be able to follow her to the bathroom. Lacy shows concern by getting down on her knees. She then encourages Ryan with a wiggle. Ryan replied as any red-blooded male would. Ryan then gets his hardon out of Lacy’s hands. Lacy smiles at Ryan’s long, cocky sex and leads him to the bedroom. Lacy spreads out her legs so Ryan can see her creamy pussy from the side of her bed. She picks up a phone call from her boyfriend to continue the party. Ryan is waiting for Lacy’s boyfriend to call and she will be in a position to send Ryan’s dick home from her greedy muff. This doesn’t work for Lacy. Ryan even leans forward to practice some breathing. Ryan comes in from behind, flipping Lacy onto the stomach. Lacy begins to move closer towards her goal, doing some dog-style pussy pounding. Ryan puts Lacy onto his back, and she believes she can get her freedom. She begins to feel lusty as she rides her maintenance horse. Lacy is satisfied. Ryan then takes the D.

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