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Date: 08.09.2022
PlayTime: 00:28:27
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Published: January 8, 20,22 After a night of passionate, Jazmin and Quinton wake up together to share another great time. Quinton gets slow and gentle attentions as they begin their morning. He is patient, taking his time and demonstrating patience as he re-learns Jazmin’s thin curves with his large warm hands. Jazmin finally slips her hands down low to enjoy the heat of her arousal. Quinton follows Jazmin down and does some finger exploration. To get Jazmin out of his way, Quinton slid Jazmin’s thong aside and let his fingers slide along her slippery slit. He pulls Jazmin’s bra aside so he can lick her hard nipples and bring the heat to her with his magic fingers. Jazmin, not to be outdone slips Quinton his cock from the briefs and gets to work stroking him off. He slips a second fingers into her hole to prepare for the hardcore pleasures ahead. Quinton arranges his spoon to spoon with his girlfriend. Jazmin then opens her arms wide for Quinton to join them for their first kiss. Their spooning sex is sweet and easy, the perfect opener for them both to continue their sweet and sexy routine. Jazmin’s leg twitches and the couple break apart, regrouping for another round. Quinton gets up from his bed to enjoy the taste of their fucking and Jazmin makes love with him. He places his dick in front Jazmin so that he can enjoy Quinton’s pussy feast.

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