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Date: 08.07.2022
PlayTime: 00:23:15
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Published: March 23, 2021 Gizelle blanco is a Latina girl who has been friends for some time with Tyler Nixon. He has always had a girlfriend. Gizelle is contacted by Tyler, who informs her that Tyler discovered his girl was cheating. He wants to visit Gizelle for a while. She’s dressed up and waiting for Tyler. Gizelle is listening in on Tyler’s thoughts, while they are seated together on the sofa. Tyler isn’t understanding why she holds Tyler’s hands as a friendly gesture. Gizelle finally loses her patience after Tyler’s cheating partner tries to call. She grabs Tyler by the arm and gives him a sensual kiss. Tyler finally receives the message. Tyler sees that it is foolish not to take on Gizelle. He pulls Gizelle’s titties from her shirt and gives the firm globes to the girl. Next, he takes Gizelle from her pants and allows her to dive face-first onto her landing strip. Tyler is now 100% committed to his friend and will not waste time. He raises his cock and places his spoon behind her, so he can get in from behind. Tyler and Gizelle can have spooning sex together without restriction, allowing them freedom to move freely from her titties toward her clit. Gizelle is soon in blissful bliss after being given lots of loving caresses. Gizelle has the energy and will to make Tyler’s dream come true. Tyler can have her. Gizelle climbs up on Tyler’s shoulders and places her pussy all over him. Tyler’s hardon is just 69 years old, and she leans forward. Gizelle can often be seen sucking on Tyler’s tongue and licking.

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