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Date: 01.07.2022
PlayTime: 00:25:14
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Emily Willis & VannaBarrot – Something Extra Published: February 9, 20,21 Emily Willis, Tyler Nixon’s love interest, has a roommate in VannaBarrot. Vanna Barrot, Tyler’s hot girlfriend is Emily. Emily doesn’t know anything about Vanna. They are about have a Valentine surprise to satisfy their mutual love for each other. Tyler and Emily have set up rose petals trails to lead Vanna to the table. She follows the trail to find a note she can understand. Vanna finds lingerie new on the couch while following the trail. She takes off her clothes, and then slips on the lacy lingerie. The rose petals lead her to her bedroom. Vanna sees Emily, Tyler, & Emily as she enters the room in their underwear. Vanna was thrilled when her parents ushered her onto the bed. Emily removes Vanna’s new lingerie. Emily then takes Vanna with her to Tyler. She licks Tyler’s nipples while cuddling with her roommate. Vanna starts sucking Tyler’s blood, so Emily slips Vanna into her thong in order to show her beautiful body. Vanna, Tyler, and Emily all work together to get Emily into her stockings. Emily is in complete sensual heaven as Tyler holds her cock, while Vanna has her other hand on Vanna while her roommate eats on Emily’s greedy tutt. Vanna is longing to take Emily out, but she’s not going to rush. She takes her sweet time, trying to eat every drop of Tyler’s fuckstick. Now that everyone is present, and most of the guests have cleaned up, it’s time for some fun. Emily arranges Vanna for Tyler’s hardon. Next, she grabs her vibrator to start working on Vanna’s pussy. She rubs her clit with the vibrator, and then uses her hands and mouth to tenderly care for her friend’s intimate parts. Vanna remains kneeling on her hands and finds herself in middle. Tyler is submerged in the sweet heat while Vanna grabs Emily’s vibrator and pushes it to her. Vanna takes Emily’s toy and places it in her cooch. Emily leans forward for Vanna to lick.

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