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Date: 08.08.2022
PlayTime: 00:26:21
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Alex Coal: Walking In On My Boss Published: July 21, 20,21 Ryan Mclane recently split and now lives alone in a bachelor pad. Ryan Mclane is too busy to maintain the place himself so he hired Alex Coal. Alex has had a crush upon Ryan for some time, but he doesn’t seem to be aware that she exists. Alex manages to remind Ryan that she’s a wonderful (and available) young woman when he goes out of the office to look for his phone. Alex makes a provocative gesture by dropping to her knees in front Ryan. Ryan grabs his phone and beats it out. Alex, however, is still thinking big. Alex returns to her boss shortly after. She enters his room, opens the door and finds him hand-masturbating. Ryan attempts to get Alex out, but it is awkward. She closes her door, but she enjoys the view. Alex opens the door to Ryan and tells him she’s leaving. Ryan hasn’t yet paid Alex, so he goes to the door to give her her money and offer an apology. He says he understands why Alex doesn’t want him to return. Ryan stands close to Alex and tells him that he is her favorite customer, and that she really doesn’t want leave. Ryan touches Alex’s cheek just as they finish their conversation. Ryan draws her closer and gives her the kiss that they have been waiting for. Alex soon returns to her knees before her boss. But this time it is with sexual intent. Alex unzips Ryan’s jeans and opens wide to help him care for his stiffie. She pulls back just enough to get rid of her shirt. Then she gets back to sucking and stroking full enthusiasm. Ryan doesn’t want Alex lying on her stomach, but rather wants her to sit on her feet and feel his dick in her. He lifts her up, taking off her jeans & thongs and leaning against the wall. Ryan leans forward to help Alex and then he thrusts his chest deep. Alex is a sucker for the feeling of fullness. But when she raises her one leg in the sky, it changes the angle of penetration and makes her pussy tingle. Ryan keeps pounding at that greedy twat as Alex turns to Ryan. Alex eventually takes over when Ryan falls on the floor and lifts Alex on his shoulders. She doesn’t need to be asked twice. She glides down on Ryan’s hardon and dances with her hips to a sensual beat. She rides in cowgirl at first, but she quickly changes into reverse cowgirl to allow Ryan to enjoy her squeezing her and spanking her while she keeps the party going. Alex hops off the D to lick Ryan clean. She continues to lick, sucking and encourages Ryan pop and enjoy his own. Alex is delighted to take on Ryan’s job and clean his mouth with her loving kisses.

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