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Date: 10.06.2021
PlayTime: 00:12:00
Quality: 1920x1080
FileSize: 795.03 Mb

Our beautiful Russian ‘Queen Nikoletta’ stars in this extreme ass destruction movie, fucking the gargantuan ‘SeaHorse’ dildo from ‘Hankeys Toys’ insanely hard and deep, till her greedy hole is wrecked beyond return! The XXXL size of this demonic dildo measures 17′ long x 4′ wide, covered in bumps, ridges, ribs and humps, intended for severe obliteration of any hole brave enough to fuck it, and thats exactly what Nikoletta craves! She wants to bury the mutant beast deeper than ever before in her drooling rectum, and punish her slutty hole severely. Enjoy watching Nikoletta strap the SeaHorse to her bedpost, and back herself onto it in doggy style position. Her sexy body’s on all fours, with her back arched as she devours it like a fucking pro anal whore. The thick ridges send powerful orgasmic throughout her body as she slams back and fourth with fast rocking motion. Nikoletta frantically masturbates her clit as each hump pops in and out of her drooling ass hole, farting and frothing profusely with a sticky mess of lube. We couldn’t believe how deep she devoured the SeaHorse, penetrating over 12′ into her rectum till it bulged her belly from the inside. She reaches several, mind blowing orgasms that make her buddy shudder in euphoric ecstasy, then pulls her slack hole open with both hands to show us just how ruined her rosebud really is, making it prolapse to obscene levels in the aftermath of this insane penetration!

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