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Date: 27.02.2022
PlayTime: 00:11:47
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In this exciting update, our gorgeous blond model NatusAmare shows off her prolapsing and cunt-meat sex. She stretches, fists, masturbates and masturbates until she gushes out pools of bodily fluids. It’s an amazing pleasure to see this beautiful woman in her mid-20’s with a small, 5ft, 90 lbs body and so many slack holes from severe abuse. Her ultimate goal was to have her anal prolapse as soon as possible. However, she has surpassed that dream long ago. Her holes are so bad that she needs to be constantly stretched and inserted. Watch this stunning scene as NatusAmare, proudly showing us her routine hole destruction with only her bare hands, performs savage self-punch fisting penetration at its extreme. You don’t even need lube! It is not necessary to lubricate her hands! She just clenches and kicks her fist into the ball, punching it in each hole one by one. Every time she yanks her fist out and punches it back inside, you can hear the squelching sound of her ass and her wet farts. She can be seen achieving intense orgasms. Her bodily fluids gushing out of her body flood the towel below her, causing it to burst. She emerges as a stunning young slut, with two horribly ruined holes. She spreads them apart with both her hands, showing us her anal prolapses and large, gaping cunts, still throbbing and drooling.

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