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Date: 10.06.2021
PlayTime: 00:08:12
Quality: 1920x1080
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We’re proud to present this incredible debut movie, of a stunning new model ‘Natus Amare’, a very beautiful, petit blond in her 20’s, with the most severely destroyed ass and cunt for age! The gorgeous 5ft, 90 lbs babe may look like an angel, but don’t let that fool you, her holes tell a very different story. She’s obsessed with frequently destroying her ass and pussy with severe fisting and enormous toys on a daily basis, and after years of destruction, she has reached her proud goal of total anal annihilation, with the ability to prolapse even whilst simply sitting on the toilet! Enjoy watching this thrilling premier movie, as she fucks one of her most enormous dildos, measuring almost 4′ thick x 10′ height, with a bulbous triple headed shaft. Natus devours this beastly black dildo entirely, and the pleasure she receives from it is so arousing to see. She frantically masturbates her clit as her slack cunt meat squirts torrents of her gushing orgasmic fluids, like a spurting faucet tap. This insatiable maniac just cannot stop squirting and leaking as she wrecks her ass hole beyond return. After several explosive orgasms she’s still craving more extreme penetration, so she grabs another huge dildo and crams it into her drooling snatch alongside. She’s now filled entirely in both holes with two giant dicks and fucking herself as hard as possible, making her orgasmic even more intense, and the end result is fucking mind blowing to see. Her holes are a total wreck, prolapsing, farting, throbbing and leaking profusely with her orgasmic fluids, in this unmissable debut that must be seen!

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