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Date: 19.03.2023
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Published on June 30, 20,22. Briana Banderas helped Peter Green clean out his house. He was a pervert who was out for sex. He was staring at her, making ridiculous excuses, and pointed a camera at him. She was barely able to get her hair out when he pulled out the 100-dollar bills and demanded that she remove her shirt. She was a remarkable girl. She nearly ran from the house, but she refused the money. But he continued to talk. He wavered more cash. It would only be for cleaning. She eventually gave in. She took off her jacket, and showed her breasts. While she was cleaning, the giant knockers were now bouncing towards her. This was distracting. Peter quickly offered to pay her more money for cleaning her naked. She refused. Later she finally caved and took off her pants and skirt. Peter’s pecker was pulling in his hands as she was cleaning out the bathtub. Briana wanted to flee but Peter was willing to let her finish the job. He was so bad at finishing, she took control of the situation with her fingers and her mouth, then with her pussy. They had their sex both in the bathroom and in the bedroom. Peter even tried to inject her sperm into her face.

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