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Date: 24.05.2022
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Penny Pax and Athena Faris Practice Interview Published: June 20, 2020 Penny Pax was working on her laptop when Athena Faris, her teenage stepdaughter, entered the room. Athena softly asks Penny to help her, claiming that it’s hard for her to get a part time summer job. She is having trouble getting interviews. Penny agrees, and she begins to work on her credentials. Penny is embarrassed by her daughter’s incessant questions. Athena will always reply sexually, no matter what Penny says. Penny convinces Athena to wear interview clothes, even though she keeps wearing the most skimpy clothes. Penny is devastated and wonders HOW she can help her daughter in the workplace. Then she experiences an epiphany. She was so focused on showing Athena her SELF in interview that she forgot to highlight Athena’s strengths. If Athena’s strength lies in her prowess, then she should highlight that to attract potential employers… Penny challenges Athena and puts her REAL skills to test. It leads to a hot encounter. Athena eats Penny’s pussy and it makes her head spin. Penny wants to give Athena a taste so she can be ready for whatever the interviewer throws at her. Penny now believes Athena has the ability to succeed.

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