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Date: 27.06.2022
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Published on January 23, 2021 Lauren Phillips was in Lauren’s room. She is trying to make her own bed, but doesn’t know what she is doing. Vanna Bardot is her stepdaughter and she walks past her in the hallway. She sighs in frustration. Lauren is asked by Vanna about her problems. Lauren informs Vanna that Lauren does not know basic chores since her husband (now deceased) used to do everything. Vanna offers to assist her. Vanna shows Lauren how to make her bed. Lauren is reaching out for a corner to rest her head on the pillow. Vanna then sees Lauren, and she shrugs off her eyes. Lauren is doing the same thing. Vanna isn’t even looking, but she sneaks peeks at Lauren’s body. Lauren however shrugs it all off. Finally, they are done with the bed. As their attraction grows, Vanna helps Lauren with various household chores. Vanna shows Lauren how vacuuming works in one day. Vanna is able get behind Lauren and grab her vacuum with both of her arms. Vanna pretends that she is helping Lauren to maintain a proper posture, but really she is just trying get closer to Lauren. Vanna assists Lauren in standing correctly. She presses Lauren against her. The atmosphere quickly heated up. Soon Vanna is quick to move and quickly turns Lauren’s back towards her before kissing Lauren.

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