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Date: 08.07.2023
PlayTime: 00:10:46
Quality: 1920х1080
FileSize: 1,36 GB

You’d love to be with me and worship my legs. Let’s imagine a real-life scenario. Come on, give me a drink like you saw me just at the swimming-pool. No, please do not give me a drink. Loser, kneel down. You will kneel at my command and stare at my legs. It’s exactly what I would do publicly to you. I would humiliate you in front of all. You deserve to be known as a reject. While you are looking at my legs, I’ll use your head to keep my drink steady. If I tell you to, you’ll be licking the tops of my high heels in order to remove sweat as everyone is laughing and taking photos around the pool. Please find my email and the instructions given to those selected to be ridiculed, laughed at and teased in Los Angeles. Princess Beverly

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