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Date: 18.09.2022
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Mistress Kara Noir and Kira Noir, Episode 3, Team Building Published: December 25, 2022 Kara (Mistress Kara), an incredibly talented lawyer who is always working overtime, continues Torrential. Realizing that she won’t have the opportunity to go out with Kinky, she decides she can’t. Her office is on the 11th Floor in a downtown high-rise. She decided that it was best to stay there. After the power goes out, she walks through the darkened office and meets Kira Noir. Kira Noir is a similar ambitious peer. Kara accidentally lost her purse containing all her kinky toys. Kara realized her purse was empty after some small talk. Kira points out the leather implements, the nipple clips, and other tools lying on the floor, and asks questions. Kara shows Kira her wild side by benting her and giving her spankings with her crop. Kira then turns a little pink. Kara placed Kira on her knee and gave it back to her for good-old-fashioned spanking. Kara tortured Kira with a partial rope suspend. After squealing and squirming, Kara brought Kira down on the ground for a well-deserved pissy. It’s safe to say this was just the beginning for Kira and Kara on their kinky adventure.

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