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Date: 09.09.2022
PlayTime: 00:58:03
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Episode 2: Secret Takedown Fantasy featuring Lucas Ayers, Hazel Paige and Dresden – Torrential Published on January 12, 20,22 Part 2. Torrential concerns Hazel Paige (Drone), Hazel Paige (Roommate), and Hazel Paige (Part 3). They also discuss their sexual fantasies. Hazel arranges that Lucas Ayres fulfills Dresden’s fantasies of taking down! Dresden then runs to the basement for an electrical check. Dresden is then grabbed by him and pulled down. He then rubs her pussy. Hazel is then invited along to the fun. After much pussy eating and flogging it is now Hazel’s turn. Dresden straps it on and she fists Lucas. Lucas zips Hazel’s clothespin and, just like Dresden is having a good time, Lucas does it. Dresden delights when Hazel licks her pink pussy while Lucas kisses. Finally Hazel is able sit on Dresden’s stomach while Lucas gets his blowjob. She begs Lucas to take the heavy load off her back. Evidently, they are all wet!

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