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Date: 08.02.2023
PlayTime: 00:56:21
Quality: 854х480
FileSize: 465,9 MB

Published: May 17, 2022 Kink’s series Asphalt Island, four-part, sees Ella Nova (a beautiful woman) stranded on asphalt island after she was involved in a car crash. She is alone. Ella Nova finds herself in a no-man’s land that is not yet discovered and begins to lose control of her reality. She must survive on scraps, hot water and a hubcap. Part 1 contains Mike Panic and Mike Panic. Cam is chained to his stocks. Mike hits Cam in his face and pulls Cam’s shorts down. Cam is now exposed. This is how he fucking love it. Mike pushes Cam’s cock down Cams throat and then slowly rubs a string of spit all across Cams’s face. Cam slowly and painstakingly removes the clothespin. Mike applies a vibrator to Cam’s sore neck and then hits Cam with a heavy stick. Cam feels worse because he knows that he is suffering from pain. Cam is taken deep and difficult, while Mike plays with pain and pleasure until Cam is a cumpuddle.

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