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Date: 10.07.2022
PlayTime: 01:02:41
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Yuri Sato is assigned to clean an apartment for a client. But the client leaves with her pretending it. Published: March 30, 20,21 Yuri Sato will be cleaning a home. She is a newcomer and the owner doesn’t expect her to be there. He would prefer an older girl who had lived in his apartment. He calls the agency that sent him and tells her that he has to teach her how to clean her apartment. Yuri arrives at the new client’s house and demands that she complete the task in a particular way. Yuri makes sure her clothes don’t get dirty and takes them off before she gets started. She has the most gorgeous body and the most fucking pants. Even though she has had much of her pussy shaved off, her top is still very hairy and her lips are clearly visible. The client requests to touch her tits after she has been stripped. He asks her to get ready for the furniture cleaning. She takes off her gloves and starts using the cleaning cloths. He realizes she is bent over and decides to get behind her. He rubs his nose between her cheeks. He grabs her stomach and opens it wide. After that, he smells her pussy. The pleasant smell of her hair and the way her tits bob while she bends over brings her joy. Yuri, beautiful and sexy is trying to clean the apt. But, the client continues touching and grabbing her body. The client suddenly puts his hand in her genitals as she continues to sweep the floor. She was surprised as she didn’t know how to clean houses. The client decided that he too needed a cleaning. He spent the afternoon naked, his mouth on her breasts, and all over her skin.

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