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Date: 24.11.2022
PlayTime: 00:41:23
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Yui Kyouno surprises when we bring out a mature male for her porn shot Published: March 21, 20,22 Today was a surprise for Yuikyouno. She had come to the studio expecting to have a typical porn shoot. She had a good idea of her male counterpart and was getting ready to shoot. Because we like to be different, we invited YuiKyouno and her male partners along to shoot the whole day. An online ad was posted looking for adult actors. We received one response. A response was received from an older gentleman, who we believed would be a great fit for our company. The new actor would also fit in with the older members of our company. He is a friendly gentleman who was eager for acting lessons. We were thrilled to meet him, and to witness his enthusiasm about the possibility to shoot today with Yui as well as another male actor. Yui was introduced to our older gentleman. She was very surprised to find out that he would be in the scene with her today. Yui is our newest male actor. It caused quite a stir in our other male actor, who was unaware that he would be taking part in the shoot with Yui. He was shocked. However, Yui was able to get into costume and we started filming. We decided to just do it and see how it went. The actor who was our new actor was very enthusiastic about being involved in touching and fucking Yui. Despite his maturity, the man had a tough cock. Yui was thrilled with our actor, and we hope that you enjoy the new scenario.

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