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Date: 29.10.2022
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Tsubaki Kato is married to a younger man. Published on February 27, 20,22. The love story continues. We also have Miss Tsubaki. She just quit her job at her husband’s office. She is now a wife and has decided to stay at home. She wasn’t expecting to have this, as she wanted her husband to be home and she to be there when he returned home at night. She wanted to be a wife but her husband was happy with the extra income and encouraged her to apply for an administrative job at the company. Tsubaki Kato was tired of being so exhausted every single day and decided she would rather spend her days at home looking after her husband and house. Tsubaki Kato realized quickly that her husband would be absent so often that she would be alone. This was okay for a while. But her husband began to neglect her sexually and she was left feeling lonely and in desperate search of a man. She realized her husband was never too tired for fucking them (he was fucking him at work every evening), and decided it was better to go out to find a man to satisfy her Japanese housewife lust. She can be found at a bar today with her best friend, her husband’s lover, enjoying a drink and meeting men willing to take her out to a hotel to get sexy. It’s not hard to believe she would want her pussy done. And if she does manage to find a young male to do so, it would be a blessing.

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