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Date: 10.07.2022
PlayTime: 00:44:55
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Tomomi Motozawa catches a student spying, and decides that she will have a fling with him. Published March 28, 20,21. Tomomi Motozawa acts as the school nurse. She’s usually the only one in school, so it’s not unusual for her to be very horny. Her office is frequented by her, and many students visit her. He doesn’t know he’s there when he enters her workplace. Because she is horny, she decides to masturbate. He can see the curtain behind it and is excited to get his cock. Tomomi overhears what he is saying and asks him to describe it to her. She says it’s normal and grabs his hard-boiled cock to rub it. She decides to take off his pants and let go of the cock. She then starts playing with the cock. He seems to like it and her mouth is warming on his cock. She suggests that she do some thing with her cock. Tomomi follows Tomomi to Tomomi’s daybed, where she takes off her pants & panties. She lays on the ground and rubs her hands across his lips. She places her cock into the student’s mouth and licks the lips with her pussy. It is incredible to see the student taking a bite out of his cock and licking it with her pink pussy. She is fed up with all this nonsense and just wants him to have her. She likes to rub her cock and slips the dick in a wet sock because it’s hard. After she has fucked him, she removes her top. They had a lot of fun fucking together, and Tomomi was happy with how well they did and how hard she worked for her cock.

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