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Date: 10.07.2022
PlayTime: 01:04:29
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Miyu is asked to fuck her boyfriend and a stranger. Published: April 3, 2021. Miyu is back with her boyfriend. We have a proposal. We wanted to share it with Miyu and her boyfriend so they could see if we were open to the idea. It would be wonderful to have Miyu come back to our studio to fuck. We make her boyfriend participate in the on camera sex. Miyu seems okay with having her boyfriend on-camera sex. We continue our plan and bring them both back to the studio. We also have a game to play about sex, and which is the best. They are so adorable talking about sexuality. We then move them to the other side of the bed for today’s goal: the fucking together with the Miyu. They are then asked to kiss one another, and they have fun together so they can keep the fuckshow going. Miyu starts getting undressed and her boyfriend begins touching her. As he gazes at her, she lies down on a couch. Miyu assists the boyfriend in getting naked. Then, they return to their groping. This scene was shot in an extremely bizarre fashion. They are having fun with each others’ bodies, not realizing that there is also an on-camera recording of them. This is only part one of the series. We have plenty time for them both to have fun. Next, we’ll introduce a second member. Miyu’s boyfriend sat beside her as she fucked another man. We love Miyu’s titches, and we love watching her get fucked.

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