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Date: 03.07.2022
PlayTime: 00:17:29
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Miriya Hazuki received an admirer’s gift: a sextoy she can use to masturbate. Published: February 28, 20,21. Miriya is a new member in our Cheating Wife Series. She is very charming and likes to relax after a hot bath. It appears she has a secret admirer. She returns home to find a bag containing a note and a present inside. She had been playing at home, and someone wanted to give her something she would be able to use. This bag includes a massager for your muscles. The bag is intended for women who are interested in having fun masturbating. It is very surprising because it means that someone is watching her. She may have been looking for pleasure at home. This seems minor as she is excited about a new item of sex that will allow her to have fun at home. Miriya is quick to get on with the job. She takes off her bra, blouse and goes to work. Miriya loves to pull on her nipples and adjust them. When her pants are on, her pussy gets wet. She puts her hand between her legs, and heats up her pussy. She takes off her pantsies and flips. She’s now on her knees, and her eyes are wide open. She appears to be having fun, even when she knows someone is watching. She grabs the sextoy she just bought and starts to massage her nipples. The vibrating toy massages the pussy. The new toy’s convenience is amazing.

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