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Date: 03.09.2022
PlayTime: 01:00:50
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Mayu Kawai, her BBC boyfriend is there with her at the porn shoot. Published January 2, 20,22 Mike Kawai (Mayu Kawai’s boyfriend) is coming to work with her today. He came from America to take in the sights and see some of the Japanese hotness Mayu was hiding beneath her skirt. Mike, Mayu’s boyfriend, is visiting Japan for vacation. However, she still has much to do. Mike was intrigued to see what she did, and Mayu offered to go along for a look. He is unaware that she will be joining a porn-shooting crew with a male partner. Mike is there to watch her work and the director suggested that he be invited to the shoot. Mayu was about to start sucking on Mike, and Mike may become jealous that Mayu is sticking his cock in all her amazing holes. Mike is soothed when the pair gives him a type sexual toy, such a fleshlight, so he can jerk away. Mike may be able to use the sextoy while Mayu works on her pumps during the porn shoot. Mike feels forced and obligated by the contract to test the sex toys. Mayu thinks the whole situation is funny. The co-star has dressed and had a shower before getting ready for the shoot. Her co-star is immediately impressed by her great tits and grabs them and starts massaging them. It is an amazing sight to see how incredible those tits are. Mayu takes off her shirt and the tits are now on. She also gets leather handcuffs, as well as a blindfold. This has quickly become a bondage session between schoolgirls. Soon, it will be a trio. Mike won’t let Mayu be fucked while Mike watches. To see her stunning tits and bounce when she’s fucked, you can watch the entire video.

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