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Date: 17.10.2022
PlayTime: 00:41:02
Quality: 1280х720
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Maki Hojo has found a new love. It’s her best friend TsubakiCato’s husband. Published on February 19, 2022 MakiHojo is a bored worker at an office. She has many male colleagues and a few female ones. Tsubaki Kato is a friend of hers and works in her workplace. Maki and Tsubaki were coworkers in the past, but Tsubaki has become a dedicated wife and has resigned from her job. Maki and her husband are still married, but they visit each other daily. Tsubaki, a Japanese housewife, is now all alone. She often returns home drunk from work because her husband is absent. Recently, her husband seems to not care about her and refuses her a fuck. He will always find a reason not be fucked by her. Her pussy is getting lonely because she hasn’t had a cock in a while. She is looking for someone who can take care her sexual needs as well as give her pussy the fuck she needs. Maki is currently working, but it seems that she has a new partner. Tsubaki’s husband has been making advances at her work and hitting on him. He appears to be in love Maki and invites her to meet him after their meeting. He comes to his office and tells Maki that it was hot for her, and that he would like them to get sexy. Tsubaki, her husband is naked and spends the remainder of the time on the couch. Tsubaki squats on the sofa, bent over and showing Maki his sweet pussy. Maki is happy to have a sex with her husband.

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