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Date: 09.07.2022
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Mai Takizawa is done blaming her boss. Mai Takizawa is now ready to have sex with every employee in the office. Published: March 26, 2021 Mai Takizawa learned that one of her colleagues enjoys watching her. Mai is aware of the fact Mai causes quite a scene when her legs are extended, and she displays her sex. It’s an amazing feeling to Mai to know that all the men in the office want to have sex with her. One of these workers had just seen her serve as president. He had just come in, and he was all alone. Mai noticed his pants were down to his ankles and that his cock had been in his mouth. Mai was delighted to give the president this beautiful cock sucking. Mai saw someone open their doors and was spying. Mai asked her assistant to come in after she had seen the president leave. The president would then be given her show in the office by her companion. Mai is so hot, so cocky that she loves to play with all the men at the office. Mai, after blowing off the president of the United States, is so sexy she has her sights set on the secretary at the office and wants to work on their pussy. She did not blow the boss off, but it was enough to make her pussy happy. She plans to change everything with the office worker. She strips off her clothes, and then rubs her entire body against him. She removes her skirt and pants, as well as her pantyhose. He can then get down to enjoy her sexy and wet sex. She pulls on her top and starts to rub her nipples. As she wants to prepare her for the next, she asks him to finger her. Mai is loud, and she murmurs from all the finger-fucking. Now it’s the time for the real thing. Mai grabs his hard cock and puts him to the ground.

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