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Date: 01.07.2022
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Kotomi asakura must enjoy herself in front a worker at the office Published: February 12, 2021 Kotomi will have to travel to her co-worker’s home. His trip to Thailand has been cancelled by his workplace. He is so upset, that he asks the office for an apology. He realizes that the office has a cute girl who will take him to his business to apologize for what he did. Kotomi arrives at the office to find that he is upset. She also realizes her mistake could cause her to be fired. Kotomi then asks for his forgiveness. He then informs her that she can solve the problem by raising her skirt, and showing him her pants. Kotomi realises that she may be fired. Kotomi promises to do her very best and not to be mad at her boss. She raises the skirt, removes her pants, and then puts them on for him. This is a nerve-wracking moment but she does it anyway to help things go smoothly. He asks her to let him have a long, deep and satisfying smell of her genitals. He is pleased with the result and asks her for her to take off her clothes. He wants her to rub her own pussy while he watches. She removes her blouse, pulls her bra up, and grabs her tits. Kotomi lifts the skirt of her skirt to play with her little clit, and then she gets off for him. He watched as she got so excited, she poured her pussy liquid all over the floor.

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