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Date: 12.03.2023
PlayTime: 00:16:51
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Kaho Mizaki gives one-on-1 lessons after school Published: June 28, 2022. A beautiful older woman can teach a boy how to love. He spends his days dreaming about his teacher. He imagines that her hands would slide down his shaft and she would admire her beautiful face. Imagine this: After all the students had left, he would see if his dream was realized. If it were true, the teacher could let his cock go to her hungry stomach. She could grasp his balls with one hand and then take his hard shaft with her other. She would love to hold his dick inside her mouth. She would get so excited when she saw a young man with his dick in her mouth that her top would come undone and her breasts would be exposed for him to touch. She would then reach for her 20-year old pussy and pull down her legs to find it. Kaho Mizazaki is the main character of this story as she gives one-on-1 instruction to a classmate who’s dumb. Kaho Mikazaki is enjoying a delicious bowl full of hot cum.

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